2012 Winterim: 
The Splendid Beijing China Tour

        Students will embark upon a ten-day exploration of 中国, (the Middle Kingdom), otherwise known as China. Students will explore the language, arts, culture, history and modern day re-emergence of Mainland China. The tour will be centered in Beijing and will visit well-known sights like the Great Wall of China, Tian'anmen Square and gateway to the Forbidden City. We will also see the Summer Palace, the exotic home away from home for the Emperor and his entourage, and 天壇 (Tiāntán), the temple of Heaven, Beihai Park, the Lama    Temple, and Niujie Mosque, Beijing’s oldest Muslim place of worship. Students will tour of the Hutong District of Beijing, to see the narrow alleyways and traditional courtyard residences, then, to the 2008 Olympic stadium and village, Beijing Zoo where the pandas live, and Tsinghua University, the China’s

equivalent of MIT.

        Evening events will include a Chinese acrobatic show, the Peking Opera, the Wang Fu Jing Street Market, Hong Qiao (Red Market), and traditional Chinese meals. Students will learn Mandarin Chinese, Taiji Quan, Kung Fu, Chinese Kite making, and Chinese YoYo. They will observe artisans practicing the art of cloisonné and jade decoration, experience the art of Chinese Tea drinking, and visit a modern Chinese High School. Finally students will partake a one-night home stay with a Chinese family. Students will eat, sleep and will share traditionalChinese family activities together with their host family, where they will gain a better understanding of life in the People’s Republic of China.

        This will be a truly unforgettable experience, introducing participants to new friends in distant lands and exposing students to their future colleagues and competitors in the rising economy of China.

Educational Goals:

1. Learn and/or practice the Mandarin Chinese language

2. Examine China’s history and culture to help develop a better understanding

of China and its people.

3. Experience traditional Chinese food, art and culture first hand

4. Understand the unique Chinese blending of technology and traditional